Our Why

Learn from yesterday's behaviour to optimise today's approach

& improve tomorrow's impact. 

UK SMEs overconsume £3.5B in energy a year 

This represents 7.5M tons of avoidable annual Co2 emissions 

Current monitoring solutions are inaccessible & unsuitable for SMEs

SMEs represent 99% of businesses in the UK  

Tell me and I will forget 

  Teach me and I might remember 

Involve me and I will learn


We aim to involve our members into their own sustainable journey  

Our Service

SaaS 2.0

Sustainability as a Service 

& Start Monitoring 

Connect onto The OAK Network 

& we monitor your energy data anonymously & establish optimised consumption patterns

Smart & Independent

OAK analyses your data and recommends simple reduction solutions based on energy usage and appliance management 

& Start Optimising

We provide your business with recommendations to start saving & project future potential savings through optimisation 

Real-time energy optimisation service platfrom  

Supporting UN's SDGs 

from £25/Month

Monthly Sustainable Reports


Our Mission


Over the past 3 years, we have been developing a digital "data tree".

Each individual member being part of our "root" network, nourishing our live data ecosystem to grow a sustainable community designed to educate, incentivise and reward sustainable behaviour.


We are a team of passionate social entrepreneurs who are enabling today’s technology to lead the way for tomorrow’s clean and inclusive future.


Our climate isn't changing, its degrading at a fast pace because of our lack of basic control over our energy supply chain. This means we view energy as a commodity, instead of what it truly is: a way to empower our future. 


It is our attitude and approach that need changing.

We help bring the energy sector to a prosumer friendly environment & promote clean technological innovations towards a sustainable future.


We help businesses reduce their overconsumption of energy by providing them with a smart platform of sustainable services.


It is your involvement in our network that will over time, improve sustainability leaving the world a better place for the next generation.


"Tell me and I will forget

Teach me and I might remember 

Involve me and I learn" 

Benjamin Franklin


How OAK Works

By understanding and analysing your energy through-put, OAK gives you the tools to stop over consuming.
We provide businesses with tailor made solutions enabling them to improve their long term energy efficiency.

OAK analyses your consumption data identifies abnormalities & helps determine sustainable recommendations


OAK ensures your consumption is truly optimised, giving you complete energy efficiency and cost control


Members of OAK

“The OAK approach has brought a whole new level of innovation and insight to the way that we monitor and manage our power consumption. The installation was fast, flexible and straight forward….. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with OAK and I highly recommend them to any business looking to save on their energy.”                                        

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